The loading ramps manufactured by our company are 100% made in Italy and designed and built with the best technology and safety guards for the operators.

They are usually employed to load/unload trucks and containers by means of fork lifts which can directly pick up the goods and move them inside or outside the containers or trucks.
They are built with a very strong frame in order to accept any type of fork lift and a any type of heavy effort.

They are provided with large wheels which can be lifted by a manually-operated hydraulic pump so that the ramp can be adjusted to suit any type of truck or loading dock.
They can also be tailored to match any customer’s need.

Load-bearing structure built in fe420 type IPE330mm.,ramp for lifting fork lift in non-slip stretch mesh. Support structure, IPE 100 and UNP 120. With both transversal and longitudinal beams. Our ramps can be customized to meet the needs of any customer.